Friday, April 11, 2014


Letting things out is a good first step. It gives us a chance to take a deep look at what is really going on inside us. The most important part of this process is becoming aware of how these emotions and feelings make us feel inside. Ultimately, as we continue to do “self-inquiry,” we will become conscious of why we feel the way we do. This is extremely important because it gives us the ability to let go of all the negativity and pain we have CHOSEN for ourselves-whether we are even aware of doing so or not. This is no small thing; it is the beginning of feeling lighter and more free inside than we could ever imagine.

No one or no “thing” in this world is responsible for our happiness and joy or our pain and suffering. What we experience in this life is ALL created by “KARMA”—the consequences of our own actions—our words or thoughts-all of which originate in our the mind.

When we truly experience this as true, we will then be elevated to a whole new level of consciousness. As we come to know and realize that we are the creator of all the negativity and pain in our lives, we will also come to realize that we can also create (Choose), all the happiness, joy and Freedom we want as well. We all have that power when we look inside our very own being. It resides, always and forever, in our very own heart.

Living in a state of anger and fear is like watching a movie and being pulled into the drama. The movie will make us laugh, make us sad, make us scream in horror or feel really good. But the movie seems real to us only because of a projector. When the projector is turned off all we are left with, all we see, is a blank screen on the wall. It wasn’t real at all, it was all a projection. In the same way, our mind is a projector. We project on the world the contents of our mind and the thoughts running through it. When the mind is silent, we feel relaxed, peaceful and content. All else ceases to exist.

Quieting the mind is essential to dissolving the anger, pain and fear that we feel. Meditation is the “KEY” to unlocking the greatness within us

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