Friday, May 9, 2014

Releasing the Champion Within

The breath and the mind are inextricably linked together. When we breathe deeply, the mind becomes quiet and the more focused we become. When the breath, which is the life force, is rapid, the mind becomes agitated and our thoughts begin to run wild. This is the beginning of paranoia (a mind out of control). How can there be success when the mind is in such a state?

How can we be successful? How can our employees, our friends, our families and our loved ones live from the highest place, perform at the highest level, when their mind is spinning out of control?

How do we improve our bottom line? How do we take our business, our sport, our relationships to the highest level?

The answer is that we must learn how to become focused. We must learn how to become present. We must learn how to live from the “Zone,” that place the athletes refer to where they experience a state so focused and one-pointed that they “KNOW,” with complete certainty, without “THINKING,” that their actions are steeped in perfection, that their performances will bring them a result that guarantees absolute success.

This state-The Zone-is a modern day term for the state of Meditation.

Just ask Phil Jackson, the most successful coach in NBA history, who coached three of the greatest players in NBA history: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neil to 11 NBA championships, what was the ultimate component for his amazing success? He will tell you in his book: “Eleven Rings” that it was MEDITATION.

Michael Jordan, in his book “For the Love of the Game,” echoed those same words. He described how not winning an NBA championship had left him highly frustrated but when Phil Jackson walked into the Chicago Bulls locker room as their new coach, he handed each player a book on meditation and said: go home and read this book and I will show you how to win a championship. Jackson coached the Bulls to 6 championships after that and then did it all over again with the Los Angeles Lakers with 5 more—a total of 11 in all. He became the most successful coach in NBA history and is widely considered the greatest coach of all time. All through the power of meditation—a focused and one-pointed mind.

What is it you want for your business, your bottom line?

The great wisdom has always told us that through meditation, our greatness, our true destiny will unfold perfectly right before our eyes.