Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abhaya Yoga Workshop

I hope this finds you and your family well.

My next event will be a workshop at the Abhaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, February 12th, from 2-5 PM. The workshop will be a powerful opportunity for you to awaken the greatness within you, a greatness that is there every moment of your life.

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Our lives are so rich and beautiful. We have those moments where we experience it, even for just a moment, but it is in those moments that we are deeply inspired, many times subconsciously, to pursue that experience again and again. For many of us, we continue to run into dead end after dead end. Things seem to work for a while but ultimately begin to lose their ability to hold us in that incredible experience.

Happy Valentines Day

What better occasion to invoke those blessings than the time around St..Valentine's day, the celebration of the one thing we are constantly searching for: that place of Freedom, that place of love, that place of the heart--your heart!!

Love and blessings,