"As the host and producer of the Men's Dugout LIVE out of Angel Stadium, I have had the incredible honor of being able to interview a long list of celebrity athletes, leading musicians, world record holders, and internationally best selling authors. Alan Gompers is one of the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating men I have ever encountered. His life experience and wise insights are invaluable. I highly recommend him as a speaker, interviewee, and counselor."
Dr. Tara Grace Perry
Host and Producer, The Men's Dugout, AM830 (KLAA)
Owner, Acupuncture of Beverly Hills

“In Maximum Security: The True Meaning of Freedom Alan Gompers shows us how we imprison ourselves – and the way to regain our freedom – even if we are outside of the cement walls. True freedom comes when we finally understand that we are more than just our bodies and minds, and that God is the source of our life and strength and being. This powerful book demonstrates to us the truth: that God is within each of us, as our own true self. That is freedom indeed!” Dr. Eugene Callender, one of America’s most prominent living civil rights leaders; friend and associate of Dr. Martin Luther King.

“I first met Alan some years ago at an Oldie's concert where he was performing on stage as a personality known as "Pop Doo-Wop." I had no idea at the time what an incredibly profound and fascinating life he had. His story is a testimony to the resiliency and greatness of the human spirit. His message is universal and important. His book, "Maximum Security-The True Meaning of Freedom," is a rare gift to all of us and I encourage everyone to experience this amazing journey to freedom for themselves.” Rod Gilbert, NHL Hall of Fame Hockey Player, New York Rangers.

“Maximum Security is an indelibly powerful and moving account of personal transformation under the most severe circumstances. Practicing both meditation and macrobiotics, Alan Gompers demonstrates how the power of love, peace and understanding led him to self-realization and awakened in him the desire to help others. This book offers hope to anyone involved in a personal or life struggle. The story is so vivid that it set me wondering who will be cast to play Alan in the film version.” Denny Waxman, Macrobiotic educator and author of The Great Life Diet

“Maximum Security is the perfect book: brief, amazing, and powerful enough to change your life. Alan Gompers learned the hard way what every person on the planet needs to know ? how to feel good regardless of the situation, how to be fully human, how to connect with the ultimate source of freedom. Intensely dramatic, this book takes readers on the roller coaster of Alan Gompers? life,from the basketball courts of the Bronx to a blood-stained class room in Harlem; from the heights of Wall Street wealth to the depths of prison degradation ? and then beyond, to a space that can only be described as sacred. The pages of this amazing book turn themselves. At the end, the reader is left in a state of shimmering beauty.” Stratford Sherman, Co-author, Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will

“Alan’s wonderful memoir, Maximum Security, is a journey of spiritual transformation that speaks to the fundamental plights of living in Western culture—insecurity, greed, and externalization. His life prior to prison was filled with success on many levels, yet Alan was plagued by a gnawing sense of unhappiness. Alone, afraid, and out of his element in prison, Alan learned to turn inward and discovered a profound stillness and wisdom. Once Alan tasted enlightenment and experienced his true Self, he devoted his life toward knowing the spiritual path more fully and then sharing it with others. Alan embodies the Shakti in both his daily life and in sharing his story. The love in his message is inspiring and infectious.” Dr. Michael Berman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Ft. Dix Prison (New Jersey)

“All our lives we search for peace and tranquility. Some of us, like Alan, find it. It took him twenty-seven years and six years in a maximum-security prison. That’s one way. Reading his book and being guided by his wisdom is a smarter way. I’m giving this book to my son.” Arthur Silver, Hollywood writer & co-executive producer of shows such as Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Married with Children (Malibu, CA)

“A story of a man’s lust for power and the greed that drove him and how through the command of his mind, he finally discovers the road to ultimate freedom.” Don K. Reed, Host of the Original Doo Wopp Shop, WCBS-FM (New York City, NY)

“Maximum Security" will change your life. Alan Gomper's story fascinating,exciting and without a doubt will keep you totally enthralled. Although it is one man's story about his search for peace of mind and happiness, the message is truly universal. Alan's story is truly a metaphor for the limitations and misdirection most of us experience at some time in our lives. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to experience more joy and passion in their lives.” Paul Karasik, Author and Management Consultant

“Through the yogic practice of svadhyaya, self-study, we become aware of our thoughts and actions, ultimately becoming more mindful of our choices. This has the potential effect of changing the direction of the karmic momentum of our life. Maximum Security: The True Meaning of Freedom is a shining example of the life-changing practice of yoga and meditation. It is the story of Alan Gompers’ journey into the depths of darkness, and how, through the study and application of these ancient teachings, he found the light of true freedom. It is a wisdom-filled, inspiring testament to dedication and a touching story of redemption.” Shannon Neely, Yoga Instructor (Memphis, TN)

“Maximum Security: The True Meaning of Freedom is inspirational, educational, and enlightening! Alan Gompers shows us that no matter how dire our circumstances in life may seem, spiritual awakening is available to us. The profound messages woven throughout this riveting story will help any seeker at any point on their path. Given the state of our planet, and the desire of many people to evolve, the wisdom shared in this book is both timely and timeless.” Alan Hack, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Maximum Security is a clear message that we can experience freedom and happiness no matter what the situation or condition we find ourselves. A ‘must read’ book for anyone that seeks health, freedom and peace. In 75 years of searching, studying and teaching, few books have touched me more.” Lino Stanchich, Macrobiotic Teacher and Author, “Power Eating Program: You Are How You Eat” (Asheville, NC)

“This book is surprisingly frank in regards to the feeling of being an inmate in prison. It sends a strong message to those of us who may be depressed and discouraged that there is strength in our inner self…all we have to do is summon it. Bravo!” Raoul J. Cita, Manager, Writer & Accompanist for Willie Winfield and The Harptones

“The legend is that Rene Descartes came to his now famous conclusion, Cogito, ergo sum, after secluding himself in a baker’s oven so he could prevent external influences on his awareness. From the French to the Latin, the phrase translates, “I think, therefore I am (or exist)” Descartes limited his environment in order to enhance his perceptions. The light turned on when he realized that if he was thinking then he must exist. 

Alan Gompers, in circumstances of enforced seclusion, took the next step to the cogito, ergo sum, following a special experience in his consciousness. He asked, “Who is the Me that thinks?” Dealing with that led to still another question, “How may I change that Me to a better person?” Alan’s approach was to accept the Grace of another chance to be the person God intended, and began a life of personal discipline, meditation and impulse control. He began his pilgrimage to a new awareness of self, of hope, and of meaning. He takes us along as he moved through explorations of Biblical thought, Transcendentalism, the wisdom of Swami Mukanada, and the difficulties of prison life. His efforts resulted not merely in personal insights, but to the much more difficult task of changing the person that he found to the person he needed to become.

Maximum Security is an easy read and people of all ages could learn from what Alan says about himself, his problems, his denial and his finally coming to terms with his life.” The Rev. Robert W.H. Plested, M.A., M.Div., Episcopal Priest, Retired Air Force Chaplain, former Fire Chaplain and Police Chaplain (San Antonio, TX)

“I knew Alan Gompers when he was a school teacher in the Bronx. What I didn't know was the hidden potential this beautiful man had. He needed to be locked up to be set free...a lesson learned for all of us. It took Maximum Security for Alan to discover his gifts. Through his story, we clearly see that there is a master plan and that the Universe is watching out for us. That God alone is the source of every good gift, of the vast array of our universe and the mystery of each human life. A teacher in the Bronx became a teacher that helped bond a community of faith in the prison system. I am grateful that I know Alan Gompers.” Judy Gilbert, CEO Christy MacDougall Mitchell Advertising Firm (New York)