Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Take Steps

There are three profound steps that need to be taken that will bring to you what it is you that want to happen:

1-Make an INTENTION ( What it is you want to have happen).

2-Bring your ATTENTION (your total focus) to your INTENTION.

3-ACTION STEP (put into motion) what you want to experience.

For example, if you are sitting in your bedroom and your Intention is to go the Living room and you bring your one-pointed focus (your attention) to your Intention to go to the Living room, you will never get there until you stand up, place one foot in front of the other and begin moving physically (Action Step). Once you begin, you already know how to walk and already know your way to the living room. No thought is necessary.

When our Intention is pure and focused and we take the action step, the universe MUST bring your Intention into manifestation. This is the secret to spiritual power and the ultimate success in the world.

This is the state of Meditation in action!

Love and blessings,


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