Friday, September 3, 2010


In the end..right there at the bottom's about love. I can have interesting conversations with you , but if I don't understand that we have been drawn together lifetime after lifetime because of love, then I understand nothing. I can chant all night, but if I don't chant with love and longing it is ultimately an empty chant. We can meet, we can chat about nothing and just visit as we like to do, but if my love doesn't reach out and touch you, we really haven't met, have we? I can see the magnificent blue pearl shining before me and be enchanted by it's beauty, but if I don't understand that it represents my own imperishable greatness, my own prefect SELF, then how can I know and love my self and therefore see and love the SELF within you? My friends, hold each other dear, each one of you is precious. My friends, value your beautiful immeasurable SELVES. My friends, lets all listen to the inner voices of our hearts. My friends, I will chant, meditate and be in your company with great love. My friends, always remember, LOVE is our glorious perfection.

Love and blessings,


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