Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Everything is a Sale

When we see that everything is a sale and contemplate it more deeply, we begin to realize that meditation is a metaphor for building relationships through trust. It is coming from the state of meditation, from the Inner Self. The athletes call it the “Zone,” where everything happens spontaneously and perfectly. Lawyers, in closing arguments, are selling the jury; doctors who have a good bedside manner are selling their patients by allowing them to relax and trust his plan of care. Someone who listens to another person and offers advice from the heart is selling. When we relate from the meditative state, our practice of meditation brings success and happiness, without having to “try.” The issue is ALWAYS where we are coming from, not our words and actions. To be the greatest salesman, we must begin with meditation, then bring that state, from the heart, to everything and everyone. Meditation is the ultimate Sale! Love and blessings, Alan

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