Wednesday, April 28, 2010

People You Should Meet

While on my book signing/workshop tour in LA & Oakland this month, I met some extraordinary people. What a gift it was to share meditation with students at USC, Antioch University and the PHD candidates at Alliant University for Professional Psychology. A huge thank you to Ruth Gilmore for setting up our event in Oakland and to Tom O'Brien for everything he did for us in LA.

I met Damien Senn at one of my booksigning events at the Mystic Journey bookstore in Venice, California. After hearing me speak and reading my book, he called to invite me to be a guest on his on-line radio show that will be broadcast all over the world this coming Thursday, April 29th, at 3-4PM EST.

Damien is from England and an extremely creative and interesting guy! He is going to interview me on April 29th and I'd love to have you join us on that call. We encourage everyone to please feel free to send us your feed-back.

For more information, please click the link below.

Link for People You Should Meet

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