Wednesday, April 16, 2014


There are three profound steps that need to be taken that will bring to you what it is you that want to happen:

1-Make an INTENTION ( What it is you want to have happen).

2-Bring your ATTENTION (your total focus) to your INTENTION.

3-ACTION STEP (put into motion) what you want to experience.

For example, if you are sitting in your bedroom and your Intention is to go the Living room and you bring your one-pointed focus (your attention) to your Intention to go to the Living room, you will never get there until you stand up, place one foot in front of the other and begin moving physically (Action Step). Once you begin, you already know how to walk and already know your way to the living room. No thought is necessary.

When our Intention is pure and focused and we take the action step, the universe MUST bring your Intention into manifestation. This is the secret to spiritual power and the ultimate success in the world.

This is the state of Meditation in action!

Love and blessings,


Friday, April 11, 2014


Letting things out is a good first step. It gives us a chance to take a deep look at what is really going on inside us. The most important part of this process is becoming aware of how these emotions and feelings make us feel inside. Ultimately, as we continue to do “self-inquiry,” we will become conscious of why we feel the way we do. This is extremely important because it gives us the ability to let go of all the negativity and pain we have CHOSEN for ourselves-whether we are even aware of doing so or not. This is no small thing; it is the beginning of feeling lighter and more free inside than we could ever imagine.

No one or no “thing” in this world is responsible for our happiness and joy or our pain and suffering. What we experience in this life is ALL created by “KARMA”—the consequences of our own actions—our words or thoughts-all of which originate in our the mind.

When we truly experience this as true, we will then be elevated to a whole new level of consciousness. As we come to know and realize that we are the creator of all the negativity and pain in our lives, we will also come to realize that we can also create (Choose), all the happiness, joy and Freedom we want as well. We all have that power when we look inside our very own being. It resides, always and forever, in our very own heart.

Living in a state of anger and fear is like watching a movie and being pulled into the drama. The movie will make us laugh, make us sad, make us scream in horror or feel really good. But the movie seems real to us only because of a projector. When the projector is turned off all we are left with, all we see, is a blank screen on the wall. It wasn’t real at all, it was all a projection. In the same way, our mind is a projector. We project on the world the contents of our mind and the thoughts running through it. When the mind is silent, we feel relaxed, peaceful and content. All else ceases to exist.

Quieting the mind is essential to dissolving the anger, pain and fear that we feel. Meditation is the “KEY” to unlocking the greatness within us

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Russell Simmons is Taking Meditation Mainstreem

Check out the article in the April 2014 issue: In another article in the same issue, my dear friend Andrea Adler talks about me in her story "Getting out of the Prison of Our Minds." Meditation is the answer to freedom.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Everything is a Sale

When we see that everything is a sale and contemplate it more deeply, we begin to realize that meditation is a metaphor for building relationships through trust. It is coming from the state of meditation, from the Inner Self. The athletes call it the “Zone,” where everything happens spontaneously and perfectly. Lawyers, in closing arguments, are selling the jury; doctors who have a good bedside manner are selling their patients by allowing them to relax and trust his plan of care. Someone who listens to another person and offers advice from the heart is selling. When we relate from the meditative state, our practice of meditation brings success and happiness, without having to “try.” The issue is ALWAYS where we are coming from, not our words and actions. To be the greatest salesman, we must begin with meditation, then bring that state, from the heart, to everything and everyone. Meditation is the ultimate Sale! Love and blessings, Alan

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abhaya Yoga Workshop

I hope this finds you and your family well.

My next event will be a workshop at the Abhaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, February 12th, from 2-5 PM. The workshop will be a powerful opportunity for you to awaken the greatness within you, a greatness that is there every moment of your life.

Click here for more information

Our lives are so rich and beautiful. We have those moments where we experience it, even for just a moment, but it is in those moments that we are deeply inspired, many times subconsciously, to pursue that experience again and again. For many of us, we continue to run into dead end after dead end. Things seem to work for a while but ultimately begin to lose their ability to hold us in that incredible experience.

Happy Valentines Day

What better occasion to invoke those blessings than the time around St..Valentine's day, the celebration of the one thing we are constantly searching for: that place of Freedom, that place of love, that place of the heart--your heart!!

Love and blessings,


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Giving Thanks

The first snowflakes have fallen here in New York and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I can't help but feel a great anticipation for the upcoming holiday season, always a time of joy and special celebration with my loved ones.

Last month I was in Miami Beach with programs arranged by my hosts, Jill Yipchoy and Judy and Gary Spriggins. Both the book signing event and the meditation workshop were extraordinary. I also had the opportunity to present meditation programs to over 120 inmates at a county jail and a maximum security correctional facility.

For this year's holiday season, I've put together an extraordinary, life-changing gift package for your loved ones. This package includes a signed, Limited Special Edition Copy of my book, Maximum Security: The True Meaning of Freedom; the instructional CD, Maximum Freedom: A Guide to Meditation; and the Ten Commandments to Freedom. There are also online bonus gifts available only with the Special Edition book. Normally $134, this package is yours for just $79. I also ask you to consider giving a gift to a prison inmate or prison library.

Give this meaningful gift to everyone you know (young and old) and save $100 when you buy 10 or more packages. (Use special code: SAVE100)

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Soon I'll be heading back to Memphis. I'm looking forward to conducting a Stress-Free Holiday Workshop on Thursday, December 2nd titled Peace on Earth Begins with Peace Within. As we all know, this time of year is often full of stress and anxiety because we focus more on presents and outer trappings rather than on presence and inner joy. I hope you'll join me to explore this message and experience true solutions.

Click here to request more info about the Memphis workshop

I wish you all the most joyful holiday season as we continue to reflect on and imbibe the message "Peace on Earth Begins with Peace Within."

Love & Blessings,

Alan Gompers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Experience of Criticism

Have you ever looked at what is going on inside you when you avoid acknowledging someone, when you are engaged in diminishing another's point of view, then speeding up the "tempo" of your conversation? What is really going on here? More importantly, how does it all feel to you, deep inside?

Have you ever stopped for a moment to contemplate this, the effect it has on your state, the impact that this way of communicating has on your happiness and freedom, and ultimately your success on every level? Historically, many salesmen have been taught to sell this way. It becomes all about "closing the sale" in any way you can, which ultimately becomes a highly intense form of intimidation, where the customer is backed into a corner, not being given much of a chance to say anything and afraid to say what he really feels inside. This process contains an enormous amount of anxiety and pressure for the customer but, more significantly, it sets the salesman off into burnout mode.

This way of treating ourselves and other people ultimately ends in failure. Success, true success, continues be ever elusive, even after you have made all the money you can spend in this lifetime. How many times in my life, after making a lucrative sale the night before, have I held my breath as I my phone rang the next morning, only to hear the customer say that he had thought about it and changed his mind, wanting to cancel. I could feel the anxiety I used to feel in the pit of my stomach rise up, even now, as I write this. The difference is that I'm aware of it now, I wasn't then. Imagine, walking around in life, everyday, feeling this anxiety in the pit of your stomach? My hunch is that it is safe to say that this condition is epidemic in our culture.

When we don't acknowledge another person, when we don't really listen and "hear" what she is thinking and feeling, we are diminishing her, trying to control her and the outcome in our favor. Without seeing who a person is, without allowing him to express himself as he is, we are not seeing "WHAT IS.!" What we are seeing is not real. What we are seeing is not true. It's a projection of what we want to see, not what is! Only what is is true. An amazing insight arises for us when we ask ourselves this wonderful question: How can we change what is?

On the other hand, if we allow a person to express what he feels, to ask questions, to open up and feel comfortable, we begin to learn about his true needs and values. Then we can see how we can really help this person. This kind of acknowledgment creates trust. Trust creates relationship, whether it be in business, family, friends or government.

Most people buy from people they trust. Relationships thrive in an environment of trust. When you don't acknowledge me, how can I trust you? What is it that I am so afraid of that I can't acknowledge you for who you are? For who you are is what is. There is no right or wrong about this, only acknowledging what is. There is so much freedom in this, so much love. Imagine, caring enough about another human being that you would look at him exactly the way he is, past all of your wants and desires, and give them their freedom. Imagine that!

Love and blessings,